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The Oxventure was created by Outsidexbox and Outside Xtra as part of the celebrations for Outside Xbox achieving two million subscribers, the two channels joined together to play a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, as frequently requested by subscribers, with Eurogamercontributor Johnny Chiodini acting as the Dungeon Master

This proved very popular with the viewers and has become something of an infrequent recurring feature. Each of the campaigns revolve around the misadventures of a party of adventurers known as the "Oxventurers", who are usually searching for nothing more than a nice little holiday but instead end up becoming embroiled in a series of quests resulting in curses, treasure and a terrifyingly high amount of bloodshed

The content of this wiki comes strictly from the campaigns, Q&A's and the podcast, if perhaps there is anything that the Oxventure Crew sees on this wiki that doesn't jive with them, they are welcome to request it be fixed or changed, I would be happy to oblige any changes or alterations from the players of the campaign. - agentsanta47

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"During A Fishmas Carol, Johnny had a hard time remembering the tavern visited in their first trip to Tanner's Folly and mistakenly says the name of The Boar's Tooth, prompting me to establish this very wikia to collect information about the different campaigns and locations all through out the Oxventures." ― Oxventuretwo



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